ReefCam for Business

ReefCam is a live digital aquarium, digital signage, and a way make your business green all in one! With the ReefCam Business subscription you can entertain your customers, broadcast your messaging, and help support the ocean. ReefCam's platform allows you to insert custom image and text overlays over our live video, providing you with a classy and unique tool to showcase your business's menu, events or advertisements on your website or a TV at your place of business.

ReefCam Digital Signage

What does ReefCam offer?

ReefCam's relaxing and live imagery improves the ambience of your place of business. Upset patients at the dentist? Turn on the ReefCam channel to soothe thair anxieties. Customers waiting for food? ReefCam will entertain guests, sparking conversations over the shark that just swam by. Want to advertise your beach resort? ReefCam connects potential vacationers with your location, enticing them to take in the view in person.

ReefCam digital signage

Why live footage?

Unlike prerecorded nature footage, ReefCam's stream is ever-changing. ReefCam is a diver's eye view into real-time ocean environments in another part of the world. Did a barracuda just swim by?

For situations when live footage is not feasible, ReefCam offers a vast library of prerecorded footage on demand.

Where should my business use ReefCam?

ReefCam is used in waiting rooms, offices, restaurants or any other place you deem fit. With the option to overlay text, ReefCam is digital signage with constantly changing nature art. Businesses can use ReefCam as a hotel channel, wall art, in restaurants and bars or anywhere else you can dream up!

ReefCam digital signage

Can I broadcast my own ReefCam channel?

Yes! ReefCam installs underwater webcams exclusively for your business and broadcasts the footage as your business's custom ReefCam channel. By broadcasting your ReefCam channel on TVs and your webpage, businesses increase their customer engagement and allow users to increasingly interact with the brand. ReefCam also offers advertising services through our network.

Please email us at for more information about ReefCam for your business.