Underwater Cameras

ReefCam is a full service provider of underwater and outdoor webcam and CCTV systems. We sell the hardware, install the cameras, host the content, and broadcast to the web, mobile, Chromecast, Roku and any other over the top web-tv platform. We also offer bundled advertising and distribution services through our network.

ReefCam's cameras are available for any outdoor or underwater application. Our outdoor and underwater webcam and CCTV systems plug and play making broadcasting in high definition from any remote location easy. These outdoor and underwater camera systems are perfect for a variety of applications, including showing off the beauty of the ocean, advertising a diving location, scientific monitoring, or security purposes. Cameras are available for internet broadcast and CCTV.

HD-PTZ Series Underwater Webcam and CCTV Systems

HD PTZ Series Underwater Webcam and CCTV Systems

The HD-PTZ Series Webcam and CCTV Systems deliver HD quality video and can plug and play into any internet connection. The camera pans and tilts in 360 degrees, giving the viewer a true "fish's eye view" of the ocean. The zoom feature provides an 18-35x optical and 12x digital zoom with autofocus. The camera includes the h.264 codec supporting streaming up to 720p.

These HD-PTZ Series includes CleanSweep™. This self-cleaning technology removes algae and sediment that accumulate on the glass dome, eliminating the need to manually clean the camera on a regular basis. Under normal circumstances this accumulation appears in hours, greatly reducing optical clarity and compromising the viewing experience. With CleanSweep™ the camera housings require minimal maintenance, ensuring the best viewing of the marine environment in its natural state.

HD Series Underwater Static Webcam and CCTV Systems

HD Series Underwater Static Webcam and CCTV Systems

The Static HD Webcam and CCTV Systems deliver HD quality video and can plug and play into any internet connection. The lens are available in both a standard and wide angle for an unprecedented view of the ocean. Resolutions of up to 2048 x 1536 are supported. Several lenses are offered for lighting correction. The camera include the h.264 codec supporting streaming up to 720p.

This camera series is great for those looking to install an underwater webcam or CCTV system quickly and on a tight budget.


HD Series Outdoor Webcam and CCTV Systems

ReefCam offers a suite of outdoor webcam and CCTV systems for any above water environment. Cameras are available as static, PTZ, or mounted on a building. A variety of cameras are offered. Cameras include the h.264 codec supporting streaming up to 1080p.

Whether you want to stream from a rainforest, live webcast your resort, or setup a camera in your back yard, ReefCam has a webcam or CCTV solution for you.

Underwater Lighting Systems

Scientific Monitoring Sensors


A variety of lighting solutions are available for our outdoor webcams and CCTV cameras. LED color and white lighting systems are available for our underwater series. The LED systems are manufactured in anodized aluminum housings and are engineered to last up to 50,000 hours.


Science Nodes offer a suite of low cost probes that measure a variety of water and atmospheric variables. The systems provide live streaming data available to any web-enabled device anywhere on the globe in real time.

Available Sensors

  • pH
  • Salinity
  • Temperature
  • Dissolved Oxygen

Remote Powering and Broadcast Systems

ReefCam offers solar panels, batteries, radios, and satellite uplinks allowing you to broadcast your outdoor and underwater webcams from any location. Our engineering team has years of experience installing camera systems in the most remote locations.

Hosting Services

ReefCam provides full service hosting solutions to broadcast your live underwater video on your website or any other online location. Hosting on the ReefCam Network is also included for free! The ReefCam Network includes our website, partner websites, Chromecast app, and mobile apps.

For more information and to purchase please contact us at info@reefcam.tv.

Photos by Caine Delacey