Through our work with scientists, universities, and local communities, we connect the world as never before to coral reefs and other marine habitats. Each viewer gets a glimpse into the amazing environments that make up our oceans and the incredible organizations and people who have dedicated their lives to researching and preserving these integral parts of the sea.

Reefs around the world stand little to no chance of survival without increased intervention. ReefCam provides a voice to these fragile reef ecosystems through a media platform. We are forming a new mindset towards funding environmental programs by giving a portion of its proceeds directly to conservation, research, and education. Thus, by watching ReefCam you will help protect the marine environment.

ReefCam serves to:
  1. Raise funding for reef conservation
  2. Increase tourism and economic activity for the host who endorse the system
  3. Provide skilled jobs for the local community
  4. Further scientific study of reef ecosystems
  5. Provide additional security and monitoring at the reefs
  6. Promote education and coordinate coral reef research around the world

The ReefCam team enjoying a sunset by the water. Photo by Vincent Ricardel.