Keppel Island Conservation Community

Broadcasting from the Great Barrier Reef's Keppel Bay Islands, we are Keppel Islands' pro-active conservation group.

The Keppel Islands Community (KICC) is focused on pro-active research and conservation activities to solve environmental problems. Our group is based in the southern Great Barrier Reef Keppel Bay Islands and is made up of individuals and organizations that want to take positive action to conserve, monitor and enhance the marine environment.

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Empowering our next generation to become impassioned stewards for their ocean

Teens4Oceans empowers our next generation to become impassioned stewards for their ocean through education, experiential learning, scientific research and innovative technologies. Learn more today!

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World Land Trust

WLT was founded in 1989. For more than 25 years WLT and its overseas partners have funded the purchase and protection of half a million acres of threatened habitats, plus another 2.5 million acres managed for conservation. WLT's Patrons are Sir David Attenborough, David Gower and Chris Packham. More about WLT's Atlantic Forest Appeal, Brazil.

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University of the Virgin Islands

Center for Marine and Environmental Studies

Ideally situated in the United States Virgin Islands, the Center for Marine & Environmental Studies (CMES) was established in 1999 with the mission to offer students and researchers a dynamic atmosphere to study tropical marine and environmental issues and increase awareness about marine topics.

World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day Canada

World Oceans Day is June 8, declared by the United Nations. Oceans Week is June 1 to June 8; let’s celebrate all the wonder, diversity, food and oxygen our oceans provide!

Each of us lives on a watershed which channels water from our streams, rivers and lakes to our oceans. By reducing our carbon footprint we make a positive impact on our waterways, marine life and oceans. Please protect marine life by keeping plastics and styrofoam away from all shorelines. Together we have the power to protect our oceans! You too can become an Ocean Hero!

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Ocean Frontiers


We are always looking for new, quality partners who are committed to making a difference in conservation. Our feeds are also a great way to promote your organization. Get in touch by emailing us at .